How I Get £5 Of Free Bitcoin Every Day, And Anyone Can Do It!

Free Bitcoin
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You probably read the title and are instantly sceptical, am I right?

I don’t blame you at all, because I felt the exact same way when I went on a journey of research a year ago but the reality is, that anyone can literally get free Bitcoin on the internet, with no investment, no hardware (except a way to browse the internet obviously!) or anything else.
And not only that, it isn’t limited to Bitcoin.
Everyone is claiming the next big trendy coin will be Shib (at the moment it's about $0.00003 a coin) and they reckon that by the end of 2022 it will be $1 a coin.
Which is great news for someone like me because I have managed to get over 1,100 Shib coins in just 5 days for free and hopefully a lot more before someone sends it skyrocketing in price.

But enough of what it is about, you are only reading this because you want to do it too, and maybe even set a mini-challenge to beat my £5 ($8) a day I get in free crypto, am I right? Yeah, thought so, so let’s get on with it…

First of all, remember this is FREE, I am not suggesting putting any money towards this because I wouldn’t and I don’t expect anyone else to.
You can use real money though, but why bother if you are just wanting to dabble as an amateur and risk-free? I didn’t, and neither should you.


->Register right here<-
That was simple right? Just click that link (it is my referral link so I get a bonus, you get a bonus and it costs you nothing to do), and then sign up for free. (I used my Google account to sign up quickly and easily but you can use an email if you like)

What Now?

Free Cryptocurrency

This is the really easy bit…
Go to the menu and find the page called BOXES.
Now you should see a page very similar to the screenshot that I have handily provided to you to compare.

Do you see the big red button called WITHDRAW?
That is the button you click (and probably do a quick Captcha) and that is it, you just received some free cryptocurrency.

As you can see, they are giving away Bitcoin, BNB and BFG and here is the really fun thing… when you withdraw it, you only have to wait 20 minutes and you can do the whole thing again and claim even more, over and over and over and over and over again! (Sorry, went mad with the Overs, hey?)

But wait, that is great but not exactly £5 a day?

That is very true. I didn’t say that you would make that much straight away, but you will if you do stage two! (This is stage one, get some free crypto in your account every 20 minutes!)

You see, Stage 1 is just me showing you that it IS possible to get free cryptocurrency not only every day but every 20 minutes and it has been sitting there waiting for you to give it a try all this time.

But Stage 2 (which is also pretty easy) is where you go from £0.01 a day, to £5+ a day (and some people who are much better at this than me, are making over £500 a day at this!)

What is Stage 2 and is it free too?

Stage 2 is definitely free… requires patience and determination but will not cost you a penny and can run in the background.
And the more you do Stage 2, the more per day you will receive!

Now, from this point onwards, I am happy to share the basic guide on what to do, but if you want further ideas and tips, and even a whole load of other sites that do similar offers then you need to sign up as a registered member via the affiliate link I posted above and then I am more than happy to help you further.

But for now… here is Stage 2 (and 3 and 4, because I am good to you!)

Stage 2

Understand the main goal is to increase BFG Tokens to improve Staking.
BFG Tokens are reward tokens given every time you place X number of bets on their in-house gambling games (minimum $0.01 a bet).
The more BFG Tokens you own, the bigger your daily Stake will be.
Staking is where the website issues X amount of cryptocurrency to your account each day and so the more BFG Tokens, the more you get each day.
Staking starts once you own 10 BFG Tokens. (Note: NEVER gamble the BFG Tokens, keep them).

In the above screenshot, you can see that the user has 73.42 BFG Tokens, and that amount will pay them each day…
0.00000001 BTC
0.00648722 TRX
0.00000011 ETH
0.00000293 BNB
0.00135944 TETHER

Remember, increase BFG Tokens so that the site pays you more currency each day, on top of the opening of reward boxes.

Stage 3

Recently BetFury put in place a $0.01 minimum bet to earn BFG. But by building up currency from the free reward boxes, you can soon get to betting this amount using free currency.

One of the games that I like to wager on, is the in-house DICE Game.
I have looked at lots of YouTube videos and strategies to maximise my free currency and the below screenshot shows one strategy that works well with me, especially if you have over 0.000001000 of any currency.

Strategy for Dice game:

Set the gambling to AUTO.
Wager 0.00000001 (minimum bet) of your chosen currency (different currencies are worth different values).
Set the Win Ratio to 9% (x10.8890).
Increase your bet on every LOSS by 11%.
This will automatically gamble 0.00000001 and you should win 9 times out of every 100 bets.
When you lose, it will make the next bet as 0.00000001 + 11% added on and will keep adding 11% to each bet until you win again.
Once you win, you will get 10.889 times more than the bet, which will cover all the previous losses and a slight profit.
When you win, it will reset the next bet back to 0.00000001 again and the process will automatically start again.

I also find that the game LIMBO also works well for me when you have a lot more currency.

Strategy for Limbo game:

Set the gambling to AUTO
Wager around 0.00000090 of any currency you have.
Set the target to 6.
Increase your bet on every LOSS by 22%.
This works well with Tether or TRX currencies which come in large quantities in the Staking rewards, but if you have not yet reached the Staking amounts, BNB works really well if you get over 0.00000010 to use.

Stage 4

Finally, Stage 4 is about Ranks.

Every time you gamble on the games, you wager the equivalent of $X. And the more you wager, the more your Rank increases.
The beauty of this is that the free boxes and the Staking you receive each day can all be gambled and counted towards your Rank
While it is slow and boring getting the Rank to go up even a little fraction it is worth it.
Once you have gambled over $3,000 worth of currency (and remember that it is all free currency you gambled with), you start to earn better rewards such as big bonuses, daily tasks, bigger cashback amounts on what you gamble and so on.
And of course the more you get from moving up a Rank, the easier it is to then move up to the next Rank which has even bigger and better bonuses available.
So while you may not be getting much BFG at the start, and your boxes and crypto from the Daily Stake may be small in the beginning, remember that you are also working towards bigger ranks and better rewards.

Final Note

While I have covered Boxes, Staking and Ranks, there are so many other different ways of earning more free crypto, and more challenges available on the site.
It really is worth taking some time to look at the stuff I have not covered if you want to learn other strategies and options to increase your daily earnings from the site.

It is also worth saying that every few months, they do host various events such as a Halloween event, a Birthday Month event, a Festive event, an Easter event (you can see where I am going with this?) where they offer different crypto boxes, double the amounts rewarded, or boxes you can buy with your balance that will double your amount.

If you have any questions or need guidance then I am happy to help out provided you have clicked on the above link I provided which is my affiliate link (which gives us both bonuses if you do!).
If you have done that, I can give you some more tips and ideas of what works for me.



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