How A Friend Made $15K/Month From OnlyFans, With Her Clothes On.

Photo by Charles Deluvio on Unsplash

Whether it was because of lots of time on their hands during the lockdown, or the way they may have lost their jobs during the pandemic, in 2020 a lot of women (and a fair few men) took to the little known OnlyFans website to sell subscriptions in exchange for their naughty content.

Roll on to 2022 and there are literally millions of wannabe erotic models posing in their underwear (or less) trying to carve out a full-time wage from their best selling asset… them, in all their naked glory!

Even my friends were not immune and one, in particular, tried it in early 2021 when her hours at work were cut down due to supply issues caused by COVID-19.
Her experience of the whole culture of OnlyFans to be a very disappointing one where she found that she was struggling to compete no matter how much she advertised her account across social media and that $300/month was the realistic amount to earn.

That was until she came across a little know company known as Dating Kit ( and decided to talk to them about setting up a dating site where girls like her could use it to advertise themselves to get around usual Tinder/Facebook/POF bans for doing it.
Her idea was if she has her own site full of people, she could advertise herself and not ban herself.
That was the idea at least but what happened next took a pleasant twist to her finances.

Photo by Carlos Muza on Unsplash

After setting up a site with Dating Kit, they actually supplied a lot of real active users on her site, hosted it, ran it, collected payments, etc all for her and left her to get people to go on it.
Her first location was actually OnlyFans where she placed a link to her “Dating Site” on her profile bio on OnlyFans and told her fans that they could talk to her or some of her other “friends” on her Dating Site built solely for the purpose of living out virtual fantasies with anyone that participated.

Suddenly, she had 40 different guys join the dating site looking for some naughty conversations.
And every time they sent a paid message, she got paid for it, even if it wasn’t to her dating profile, but to any profile at all on the site.
Because Dating Kit took care of running it all, it left her to keep pushing her OnlyFans (and other social media) to the Dating Site and more and more guys kept joining.

What occurred next actually sent her into a bit of a panic on the phone to me.
The phone call we had at 10 pm at night went a little like this:
Her: “I don’t know what to do, it's gone mental!”
Me: “What has gone mental? Slow down and take a breath and tell me what is wrong!”
Her: “It is the dating site I set up, it's gone mental and I don’t know what to do?”
Me: “What happened, has it been deleted or something?”
Her: “No… I have several hundred guys on it and I am making money!”
Me: “That is good, isn’t it? What is the problem?”
Her: “I am making about $4K a week from it!!!!!!!!”
Me: “Seriously??? What is wrong with that? That is great surely?”
Her: “But… But… I have never had that much money in my life, do I have to do something? I don’t know what to do with all that money coming into my bank!”

Photo by Sharon McCutcheon on Unsplash

And that is how she went from $300 a month to approximately $15K a month and rising.
And it hasn’t stopped her there.
After a few more conversations and friendly advice from me, I pointed out that not only had she done very well for herself but she could do even better.
Dating Kit site has an affiliate system where people who join it can advertise the site for you, and get paid for every paying member they bring.

What I told her was, instead of always advertising to her OnlyFans and Followers, why not ask some other females who are struggling, to post a profile on her Dating Site and to then use their affiliate link on their own OnlyFans to get paid for their followers joining in on there.
Her reply was “But won’t they get all my money?”

I had to explain to her how affiliate systems work and how as a site owner, she will get paid no matter who brings traffic to her site, so just let lots of girls make money on her site and when they make money, she makes money too.

So now, she is messaging lots of female adult amateur models and asking them to join to make money and so far, she is getting a lot of interest.

Maybe the next time I update this article, I can change the title from $15K/Month to $150K/Month? Who knows?

And in answer to the three questions, I get asked all the time…
1) Yes, She has spoiled me from her earnings with a pair of Apple Airpods and promised me an iPhone 14 if she gets to $50K/month before they go on sale later this year.
2) I don’t name her, her dating site or her OnlyFans account because some of her family read my articles and may not be impressed if they knew it was her.
3) Yes, she is single and looking! But if you want a date you have to join her dating site and impress her first!



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